What is an Essay and Types of Essays ?

What is an essay?

An essay is an academic paper which is one of the most useful individual tasks, which teachers from all over the globe ask of their students. We have prepared short but very practical and understandable answers you are looking for.

An essay is an academic paper that presents students personal ideas according to some particular topic. Usually essay consists of an introduction, short research, disproof, conclusion and a bibliography. The average essay is a 4-page paper. The common essay style is MLA (Modern Language Association) – double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman, white paper, 8.5*11 inches. One inch of margins on each side, check other styles here

What types of essays?

Most popular essays are – argumentative essay, persuasive essay, expository essay, narrative essay and descriptive essay. So what is an argumentative essay?

Argumentative essay is an academic paper which analyzes a particular subject and the author offers his own arguments – pros and cons.

What is a persuasive essay?

A Persuasive essay is 99% the same as an argumentative essay, but there is only a 1% difference. Argumentative essay tends to persuade and persuasive essay tends to prove.

Check here for other essay definitions

10 popular argumentative essay topics:

I) Are taxes fair – why and why not?

II) Internet security

III) Physical neglect of a child

IV) Regulation of alcohol advertising

V) Use of animals in research

VI) Friendship

VII) Effects of climate change

VIII) Should parents control children’s internet activity?

IX) What rights do Immigrants have?

X) Doping in sports

How to write an essay?

Every essay starts with an introduction. The more attractive the introduction you create, the more attention you will get.

Second, conduct your own research, which requires different sources. Try to analyze the best experience of other authors.

In order to disclose your topic in a clear manner apply the pros and cons and create a table for better visualisation.

List all sources and remember you need at least 5 of them.

At the end of your essay make a strong argumentative inference to summarize your writing experience

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