How to write an essay introduction

Do you want your essay will be read to the very end? Read on if YES.

An introduction is a crucial element of every book, article or essay. First paragraph answers to question – will the reader continue to read or listen to the whole story or not? That is why it is so important to affirm yourself from the first rows.

In this article, we will consider how to write an essay introduction generally and we will examine hints of writing.

1) Emotions or analytics. It is extremely important to decide the style of writing your essay at the beginning. It is dictated by the topic. “My best weekend” is one topic and emotions are welcome here. At the same time “Taxation” requires analytics.

So choose right style

2) Digits. It is always better to start with digits. It can be a date, statistics, or other key indicators that really surprised you. It will be your starting point, from which you will develop your idea.

3) Details. Start with a description of some items which fits with the emotional writing. Your first entry, in this case, should leave the questions and the reader will find the answers in the following paragraphs.

4) Be short. Do not confuse yourself. Either a hundred ideas in your head or zero, do not confuse your reader. Organize your ideas and use only those which will match with your topic.

5) Questions. Ask a few rhetorical questions and be sure to leave them unanswered. This method will show your interest in the topic and prove that you have researched it. But in the following paragraphs, you have to provide full and reasonable responses.

6) Arguments. Specify all the arguments in the introduction of an essay. According to this, you need to add the arguments after finishing the whole paper. Otherwise, how do you know all the arguments at the beginning?

7) A solid statement. At the end of the introduction, you can make a solid and probably not a popular statement. It will be an intriguing backstory to the essay, which will disclose the causes and effects of your essay.


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